Jitender Sokhy | Project Manager

Headshot of Jitender
My experience as an in-house digital marketer and website manager allows me to really understand our clients' points of view

Jitender’s background

Jitender was originally introduced to us as a client, managing the website at Rickshaw Travel in collaboration with the BrightMinded team. For over three years he worked closely with us, focusing on the continual improvement and development of Rickshaw’s WordPress site, with conversion rate optimisation, technical SEO and site performance being some of the main subjects of his goals. Prior to this, Jitender worked in e-commerce using platforms such as Magento, and has experience project managing web developments, copywriting and digital marketing (among other things).

Since joining BrightMinded as a project and account manager, Jitender is able to harness his unique client’s perspective, which enables him to really understand what our clients need and want for their own businesses. He enjoys the variety of sectors and industries that he can be involved in and getting to know the wonderful characters that make up our client base.

Jitender is currently undertaking a UX Design diploma to further his knowledge in this particular field of interest, and is keen to put his real work experience and new qualification to use.