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Social responsibility

We’re aware that our behaviour as a company has an effect on the local community and wider environment. The following policies guide our decision making and company activities:


  • We purchase all hardware with energy efficiency in mind
  • We do not print unnecessary documents and recycle all recyclable waste produced by the company
  • We encourage walking, cycling or sustainable public transport for all journeys
  • We offer our employees a Cycle-to-work scheme


  • We support the local Universities through giving presentations and participation in workshops around student employability
  • We support local graduates by offering paid summer internships
  • We support local GCSE students by offering workday placements
  • We support local charities and community groups through sympathetic software engineering, charitable fund raising and free subscriptions to our licensed software
  • We encourage staff involvement in voluntary community initiatives
  • We support the Open Source code initiative


We will not work for or with companies that we feel fall below our ethical standards, for example those involved in the arms trade, animal abuse or excessive environmental destruction