News | 06 March 2019

Introducing: BrightMinded Labs!

We are announcing a new part of our site: BrightMinded Labs!

In BrightMinded Labs you’ll find further results of our creativity and innovation (alongside the creative solutions we come up with for our clients).

We are creating an overview of the projects that the bright minds in our team come up with and that could be of benefit to the wider community. These projects may lead to real-life applications or they may be learning exercises that help us solve problems in future.

They will be projects with a technology angle, but could be in areas like robotics, trading bots, generative art or even probabilistic data structure libraries.

Our first project has immediately led to an application and will also be released today. Keep an eye out for an update soon.

We will keep you posted as and when new projects are published. Hope you will find them interesting!