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What is the Expert Review?

Our experts will analyse how your ecommerce website is doing against four key factors and will show you how to improve your performance.

Request your ecommerce website review today, and you’ll get:

  • A bespoke written report and review of your ecommerce website
  • Actionable advice and recommendations
  • An optional 30-minute consultation call with our team to talk through your report
  • Advice on SEO, user experience, accessibility and more

This expert review is done by a real person, not an automated tool!

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What will my Expert Review cover?

The review covers scores on the following key metrics:

  1. SEO performance: We’ll highlight any issues with your website preventing you from being found in Google by the people who are actively looking for what you offer.
  2. Google Core Web Vitals: These vitals measure your website’s user experience across three main areas: page loading speed, interactivity or responsiveness, and visual stability.
  3. Speed: Do your website pages load quickly across desktop and mobile devices, or are you losing potential visitors and members?
  4. Accessibility & Compliance: Is your website meeting the required accessibility considerations for users?

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How does the Expert Review work?

Fill in the form
We'll analyse your site
Receive your FREE report
  1. Just fill in the form to request your complimentary review. We’ll ask you a few short questions about your business and take the essential details (like your URL and contact details!)
  2. If we feel we can add value to your business, we’ll analyse your strengths and weaknesses across SEO, web vitals, speed, accessibility and compliance.
  3. We’ll identify issues that may be holding you back and show you how to fix them to improve your ecommerce website performance.

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We couldn’t be more impressed with the outcome. Anyone who’s looking for a bespoke software solution to serve their business needs should turn to the team at BrightMinded.

Nick Bova Managing Director, Bova UK


1. Do I qualify for a free website Expert Review?

Due to the volume of requests we receive for our Expert Reviews, we limit them to projects ready to invest in building a new website or ecommerce platform and have a minimum development budget equivalent to £25,000 (excl VAT).

2. How long will the website review take?

We aim to complete website reviews within three working days. We will email your report when it’s complete and, if you agree, we’ll arrange to speak with you to discuss your results shortly after.

3. Do you need access to our tracking software or Google Analytics?

Not at this stage, thanks.

4. Will the Expert Review be customised?

The review checks you against four fundamental factors and is delivered as a bespoke written report with actionable recommendations tailored to your business.

If you have any specific areas you would like us to include in your review, please let us know. We’ll do our best to help. If your request is outside of the scope of our free review, we’ll let you know and discuss the option of a paid consultation.

5. Are there any obligations or small print?

Nope! Our free website reviews come with zero obligation, and you are not obliged to pay us, have a call with us, or agree to have any work done by us.

6. Where can I find out more about your ecommerce website development services?

We’ve been building successful ecommerce websites for years. Find out more about our services, process and case studies on our ecommerce website development page.

Ecommerce Website Expert Review

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