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Websites, Widgets and Feeds for WWF

The World Wide Fund for Nature protects endangered wildlife and environments, tackles climate change and promotes sustainable use of resources. The team at the Living Planet Centre in Woking are great at coming up with innovative and technically challenging ideas for their digital campaigns, and we’ve been lucky enough to help them realise many of these.

Some of these projects have been focused on the Living Planet Centre itself, notably a platform which animates dynamic infographics based on real-time environmental data from the building monitoring systems. These data visualisations are displayed on screens in the reception area, alongside iPads running a native app we developed to inspire young visitors to champion sustainability initiatives within their schools.

We’re hugely proud of our work with WWF-UK, often developed in partnership with our good friends at Neo, and you can read more about the work below.

BrightMinded have been a fantastic partner in developing the dynamic infographics that display live environmental impact data at our UK headquarters, the Living Planet Centre.
Lucy Potashnick, Environmental Manager


Green Ambassadors iPad app

Green Ambassadors is WWF-UK’s flagship program to inspire the next generation of sustainability champions. We built an interactive app for young visitors, which runs on iPads in the WWF Living Planet Centre reception area.

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Dynamic environmental impact infographics

The Living Planet Centre is the custom-designed, efficient and sustainable new home of WWF-UK. We developed a platform which animates dynamic infographics based on live environmental impact data. These data visualisations are displayed on screens in the reception area and throughout the building.

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Earth Hour UK website on multiple screens sizes

WWF Earth Hour

Earth Hour has grown from a “lights off” event in Sydney to become one of the biggest environmental events in the world. We built the Earth Hour website for WWF-UK and over 25,000 people have now pledged their support through the site.

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WWF Life responsive widget

We developed an embeddable responsive JavaScript widget which shows the latest multimedia content from WWF operatives in the field. The widget can be added to any HTML page and easily configured to match the layout and styling of the page.

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Green Ambassadors website

We built a new website which allows participating schools to share their stories, and which makes it simple for the WWF-UK team to moderate the submissions and edit content as required.

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