WWF iPad app

The World Wide Fund for Nature’s Green Ambassador scheme aims to encourage a new generation of sustainability champions by setting up ‘Green Teams’ within schools. With our design partners at Neo we developed a quiz to run on the iPads in their visitor centre, letting school children answer a series of questions before being told which of the six Green Ambassadors they are most like. The children can then choose to take a pledge related to their particular Green Ambassador. A separate visualisation running on large screens shows the proportion of the children allocated to each of the six Green Ambassadors.

For the techies out there, the app is a native iPad app wrapping a simple Kohana web app built using JQuery mobile.

For the non-techies out there – have a try! (Please note that the app was designed to run on landscape iPads only and so may not behave perfectly on your device.)

App by BrightMinded at Living Planet Center

Have a try: