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API Integrations

BrightMinded offers system integrations through APIs with the potential for significant competitive advantage

What are API integrations?

Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are essential for communication or interaction between programmes, devices and data. APIs are often referred to as third party services or external platforms. Thus, APIs allow web applications to tap into big services like Google Maps or Facebook, or critical databases like CRMs or accounting systems, resulting in time savings, wider audiences, flexibility, efficiency and personalization.

API integrations by BrightMinded

There isn’t much we haven’t done when it comes to API integrations. Whether it’s a run of the mill MailChimp signup form, a customised Google Maps integration or synchronising with your bespoke or third party database, we’ll figure out the best way to get different systems connected. Next to the many accounting and payment integrations, we have integrated WordPress with a Building Management System to generate real-time animated dynamic infographics, and unified 11 disparate multilingual XML sources into one coherent data feed.

Our API integrations can streamline processes and make interactions more efficient and user-friendly!