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Mobile app development

BrightMinded offers custom mobile app development with world-class user experience

Why choose custom mobile apps?

Custom mobile applications are tailored according to specific business requirements whilst addressing a particular audience: typically your customers. Today, custom mobile apps are used for business development not only by large corporations, but also smaller businesses. In fact, custom mobile apps allow each business to pay for only the exact features they need.

Mobile app development by BrightMinded

Our custom mobile app development service can bring a variety of benefits to your every-day business, including optimisation and automation of processes, increased productivity, improved internal and external communications and lowered operational costs. Whether you want a simple app, or need mind-blowing Augmented Reality, we can do it in a cost-effective way.

custom mobile app development at BrightMinded

Our team of programmers can develop you a custom mobile app that your users will love!

Featured mobile applications:


BrightMinded built a cognitive custom mobile app that ended up being one of the finalists at IBM Watson Mobile Developer Challenge

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BrightMinded built a custom iPad app that run a quiz  for visitors at the WWF Living Planet Centre

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