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Trading platforms development

BrightMinded builds online trading platforms with all the necessary tools to enable future growth

What are custom online trading platforms?

Simply put, an online trading platform is a computer software programme that can be used to place orders for (financial) products over a network with a financial intermediary. Online trading platforms allow traders to conduct transactions, get alerts of live price updates, get timely reports, find relevant information and use charting tools. When choosing a custom online trading platform, you can get all the features you need, depending on your strategy.

Online trading platforms by BrightMinded

BrightMinded can build anything from a simple brochure site to a complex multilingual trading platform, all depending on your company’s needs. With our custom trading platform development solutions, you can inform and impress your audience with current auction items, searchable inventories of products on offer, bespoke interaction process between the buyers and sellers, as well as have the ability to trigger automated reminder emails of saved favourites or auction dates at a pre-organised length of time before the auction. These are only a few of the features our custom trading platforms can offer.

Reduce risk and costs with a custom online trading platform!