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Presentation | 29 June 2022

A developer’s perspective on Google’s Core Web Vitals

Our own Bradley gives his perspective on best practices to ensure your site scores well in Google’s Core Web Vitals.
Screenshot from Google's page speed insights
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Presentation | 17 February 2021

Latent Dirichlet Allocation (LDA) – an introduction

Our AI team presents a popular unsupervised machine learning technique that aims at extracting relevant topics from large sets of documents, Latent Dirichlet Allocation (LDA).
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Presentation | 09 September 2020

Effective testing

Our own Bradley covers all aspects of software testing, focusing on unexpected inputs, security, developer falsehoods, browser support and accessibility.
Slide showing overview of all aspects of software testing
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Presentation | 27 August 2020

The benefits of BDD and E2E testing with Cypress

During lockdown, our own Sam presented the benefits of Behaviour-Driven-Development and End-to-End testing using Cypress to the team and answered questions on the topic. Have a look below.
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Presentation | 15 April 2020

Making a multiplayer web game with Socket IO

Before the lockdown, David presented to the team how he has used WebSockets for his multiplayer web game. Find out how.
Screen showing multiplayer game
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Presentation | 12 February 2020

The near-duplicates problem and novelty detection by fruit flies

Learn from a fruit fly how to spot near-duplicates in your database. Our CTO, Cristiano, explains how. If you are interested, have a look at the original fly Bloom filter paper by Dasgupta, Sheehan, Stevens and Navlakha.
Bar plot with errors on Bloom filters, LSBF and fly Bloom filters
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Presentation | 27 November 2019

An intro to TypeScript

Watch our own David Y introduce the team to TypeScript, an open source programming language maintained by Microsoft that is a typed superset of JavaScript and compiles to plain JavaScript.
TypeScript logo
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Presentation | 20 November 2019

An introduction to Netlify

Watch Bradley give the team an introduction to Netlify, Netlify CMS, and 11ty, some new web technologies that are gaining in popularity.
Image of Paige Taylor Photography website
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Presentation | 30 October 2019

History and evolution of Acid House

We don’t just know a lot about software development. Our in-house (electronic) music expert, co-founder Dan Murray, was asked to give us some insights into Acid House. Here is what he had to say.
The Roland TB 303 slide
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Presentation | 23 October 2019

Networking – tips for developers

Our co-founder, John, was asked to provide some tips for the team to improve their networking skills and abilities. So he presented what he has learned over time.
Image representing networking
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Presentation | 26 July 2019


Our CTO, Cristiano, speaks at the Barclays Eagle Lab’s first AI event in Brighton yesterday, trying to de-mystify AI for the audience.
Cristiano speaking at Barclays Eagle Lab event on de-mystifying AI
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Presentation | 10 July 2019

AI versus dualism

This week our philosopher-in-residence Dan C explains what he has learnt from playing with robots. With the obvious philosophical substantiation.
Close up of robot
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