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Presentation | 23 October 2019

Networking – tips for developers

Our co-founder, John, was asked to provide some tips for the team to improve their networking skills and abilities. So he presented what he has learned over time.
Image representing networking
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Presentation | 26 July 2019


Our CTO, Cristiano, speaks at the Barclays Eagle Lab’s first AI event in Brighton yesterday, trying to de-mystify AI for the audience.
Cristiano speaking at Barclays Eagle Lab event on de-mystifying AI
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Presentation | 10 July 2019

AI versus dualism

This week our philosopher-in-residence Dan C explains what he has learnt from playing with robots. With the obvious philosophical substantiation.
Close up of robot
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Presentation | 03 July 2019

Game theory: an intro

Our own David H introduces “Game theory” to the rest of the team, including some “Prisoner’s dilemma” challenges for the audience.
Slide - What is Game theory?
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Presentation | 15 May 2019

Punctuation and grammar: all that fun stuff

As everyone in the team now writes blog posts, Dan M, our grammar guru, felt it was a good time to refresh some of those rules that can cause confusion in the English language.
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Presentation | 09 May 2019

Autopoiesis – a contemplation

Our philosopher in residence, Dan C, generates food for thought with his contemplation on Autopoiesis.
Dan C in front of Autopoiesis slide
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Presentation | 03 April 2019

Algorithmic probability – an insight

Our CTO Cristiano gives an insight into Algorithmic probability. He covers induction, Bayes’ theorem, Ray Solomonoff’s main result and much much more.
Solomonoff induction slide
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