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Blog | 07 October 2020

What are the WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines)?

Suppose you are involved in the production, maintenance or development of websites. In that case, you may have heard of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), but may be unsure of how they affect your website. Accessibility should be considered an essential requirement and the WCAG compliance can help you meet these obligations. But first, it’s important to understand what web accessibility means.
Blind person reading braille and two people communicating in sign language
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Presentation | 09 September 2020

Effective testing

Our own Bradley covers all aspects of software testing, focusing on unexpected inputs, security, developer falsehoods, browser support and accessibility.
Slide showing overview of all aspects of software testing
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Blog | 16 June 2020

A new era for continuous testing

We all know how important testing is right? But it’s a chore! Or is it? At the cutting edge of modern software engineering practices, we now find a pool of tools and techniques that make it easier than ever to keep a ruthless eye on your bugs.
pushing keyboard TEST button with finger
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Blog | 03 June 2020

How to improve your WordPress security

We implement a range of measures to enhance security and protect against targeted attacks.
Image representing digital security - a lock superimposed on a motherboard
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Blog | 27 May 2020

How to speed up your WordPress site, fast!

After years of working with WordPress we're experts in speeding it up - find out how!
Relay sprinter getting ready for the start on athletics track
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Presentation | 15 April 2020

Making a multiplayer web game with Socket IO

Before the lockdown, David presented to the team how he has used WebSockets for his multiplayer web game. Find out how.
Screen showing multiplayer game
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Blog | 26 February 2020

Issues to consider when localising software

Have you ever landed on a website where the target audience isn’t people from your country or culture? And how long did it take you to realise this? In all likelihood, you will probably have noticed it almost instantaneously because each region has its own ways of doing things.
An example of concatenation
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Presentation | 27 November 2019

An intro to TypeScript

Watch our own David Y introduce the team to TypeScript, an open source programming language maintained by Microsoft that is a typed superset of JavaScript and compiles to plain JavaScript.
TypeScript logo
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Presentation | 20 November 2019

An introduction to Netlify

Watch Bradley give the team an introduction to Netlify, Netlify CMS, and 11ty, some new web technologies that are gaining in popularity.
Image of Paige Taylor Photography website
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Tutorial | 31 July 2019

Google Analytics for developers

If you are developing software for external users, you are highly likely to need to take account of Google Analytics. If so, Bradley may have some tips for you.
Slide showing Event Tracking in Google Analytics
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Discussion | 26 June 2019

Why don’t AIs do rubber ducking?

Following on from Bradley’s blog on “Rubber Duck Debugging” and a talk by David Y on “Tools for problem solving”, a discussion ensued in the office on whether you could use this particular tool for problem solving in Artificial Intelligence.
Image representing AI and a rubber duck
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Blog | 01 May 2019

Back to Basics

Someone: “Hey, check out this juicy programming problem!” Dan Cowan: “I can think of at least three ways of solving it.” Does that mean Dan’s a genius? Perhaps (if you ask him, he’ll say yes). Another possibility is that whilst learning his craft he developed the habit of thinking of alternative ways of solving the same problems. In fact, I would argue that the extent of his (coding) skills is a direct consequence of this habit.
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