BrightMinded turns 10!

It gives me great pleasure to announce BrightMinded turns 10 years old this week!
It’s been an incredible, fun, challenging, and fantastic journey.

I still remember coming to Brighton and sitting in the ex-Calypso offices in Tower Point, brainstorming what this new company should become.

Let’s build some cool stuff and find some great clients to work with” – I think that’s what we came up with.

And we’ve worked with some incredible clients! I can’t list them all, but to highlight a few charitable names – there was:

Some very long-standing clients:

And a few big names that we worked for, directly or through an intermediary:

We’ve had clients in Australia, in Canada, in the Netherlands, in Switzerland, and in Germany.

We have also built some cool stuff:

  • A Facebook shop – We got a few live until the hype faded.
  • Stigly – A local social platform, where digital pheromones help you find friends. It was a great idea with great branding, but unfortunately we were the wrong company to take it to a mass market.
  • TRAIN ME – We took the “PT in your pocket” to the first IBM Watson developer finals in Orlando, which was very exciting!
  • Flair – With the help of TechnoGym we pivoted TRAIN ME. We still think it is a cool and very relevant concept, but the fitness industry clearly wasn’t ready for it.
  • And now, we’re building KAPOW! An AI-powered tool that suggests images for content creators based on their content.

We even got some year 6 primary school kids enthusiastic about coding with our BrightMinded Academy. That was a lot of fun!

Last but not least, we hired some really great people. We are very grateful and proud of you all for helping us create the company BrightMinded is today. We could not have done that without you. We want to thank you all for making BrightMinded such a great place to be with a great future ahead!

We also need to thank our brilliant clients and partners. We’re privileged to have your trust, and we love working with you. Thank you!

I am very much looking forward to what the next 10 years will bring!