BrightMinded Update - April 2024

Find out about our latest projects, including an exciting ecommerce plugin to maximise upsells, new website launches and team outings.


Marketing tool to giveaway – Machine learning algorithm 

We are excited to announce the development of a cutting-edge tool that we’re crafting for our valued clients. The upcoming tool is set to be a WordPress plugin seamlessly integrated with WooCommerce (WC), leveraging a powerful machine learning algorithm for advanced basket analysis on customer orders. Our goal is to enhance the upsell experience by moving beyond conventional methods, such as suggesting products based solely on matching categories. Instead, we aim to deliver intelligent upsell recommendations. Watch this space as we plan to release this to the WordPress plugins repository in the near future. If you’d like to know more or if you’d like to know when it is available, get in touch!

Flocert Portal 

In January we launched the FLOCERT Stakeholder Portal with a fresh new look to match their public website that we revamped in 2023. The portal allows FLOCERT’s global Fairtrade family easy access to comprehensive certification information. The site also includes a Messaging library for communications professionals, webinars, and detailed information about their range of digital tools.

Here – Website refresh

Here is a not-for-profit social enterprise that helps people to live well – their purpose is to provide exceptional care for everyone. In November we worked with the Here team to refresh their website, which communicates the wide range of services and projects they deliver. With an innovative new colour palette and modern, accessible fonts, the website now reflects the quality and integrity of the new brand that the Here team had created. 

Tech Time Out – November

At BrightMinded we care about our team’s well being and mental health, so on Tuesday the 28th of November we decided to take part in the techtimeout initiative. We encouraged our team to spend two hours of their day away from any digital screen, and instead spend their time doing an activity they enjoy. 

The feedback was very positive, everyone was engaged and shared the different ways they spent their time. Some people did more physical activities like going to the gym, running, cycling or walking along the beach; and others did more relaxing activities like playing the piano, baking, reading or even going to the sauna!

Christmas day out 

Christmas is all about family celebrations, that’s why we like to celebrate it altogether! 

This year we started our christmassy day at Brighton Pavilions ice skating rink. Where we ice skated for an hour, testing our skills and laughing all the time!

After so much exercise we needed to fill up our tummies so we went for a delicious Christmas lunch at Lion and Lobster, one of Brighton’s most traditional pubs! 

We enjoyed a delicious meal, and to make it more fun and sociable, we swapped seats through courses, so we were able to talk to everyone!

Once we were full of energy again, we went to Castle Snooker and Sports Bar, the leading snooker and pool bar in Sussex, to play some pool! Some of us played regular games and others played killer pool to make it more engaging and fun!

After the fun games, we went to a pub and spent all evening until 1am having drinks and laughs! It was definitely a very memorable day spent as a family !

BrightMinded 13th Birthday! 

On Friday the 22nd of March we celebrated BrightMinded’s 13th anniversary. 

We are extremely proud of how far we have come throughout these years, helping businesses grow with our software and building long lasting relationships with our clients. 

We have overcome several challenges, adapting to a fast-changing world, and building the best team ever. 

Without our people we wouldn’t have been able to come so far, therefore we celebrated this special occasion at Modelo lounge with delicious food! 

Team expansion

In November we welcomed Nick to our team! Nick joined as Growth and Partnerships Manager. He is helping BrightMinded find more organisations that might be in need of our digital transformation services, with a particular focus on AI.

Recent blogs

During these months we have posted very interesting blogs which are worth a read! 

An interesting blog about how to apply gamification into your membership platforms to create a more engaging user experience. Also, a discussion of practical techniques that will help maximise your member retention.

We also want to highlight a recent video about a comparison between Umbraco and WordPress, analysing which CMS platform is better suited for which purposes.