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Blog | 12 June 2019

Non-cryptographic hashing functions: The Infinity Stones of Computer Science – Part 2

In part 1 of this three-parts article we explored some of the powers of non-cryptographic hashing. This time we concentrate on the mastery of Time.
Time Infinity Stone
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Blog | 05 June 2019

Our awesome clients: FLOCERT

On a mission to improve the lives of producers and workers in developing countries.
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Blog | 29 May 2019

Non-cryptographic hashing functions: The Infinity Stones of Computer Science – Part 1

The new number 2: “You are number six” Number six: “I’m not a number! I am a free man!” The new number 2: “Hahahahaha” The quote above (The Prisoner 1960s TV series) highlights an extreme form of hashing, I’ll grant you that. However, that is after all, a form of hashing – turning something (or someone in this case) into a number. The new number 2 must have been a computer scientist because he is laughing his head off at number six’s accusing objection. Number 2 was clearly looking at a much bigger picture! How powerful can such simple concept possibly be? In this three-parts article I will argue that hashing functions are Computer Science’s own Infinity Stones!
Power and Space Infinity Stones
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Blog | 22 May 2019

Our awesome clients: Possability People

At BrightMinded, we know that our clients are some of the best in their fields. But one day we thought to ourselves, does everyone else know? We’re sure that many people are aware of the great work they do, but just in case you aren’t, we’ve decided to introduce them to you in this series of spotlights called ”Our awesome clients”. We’ll tell you all about their impressive achievements, how they’re doing it, and how we managed to get involved with them.
Logo Possability People
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Blog | 01 May 2019

Back to Basics

Someone: “Hey, check out this juicy programming problem!” Dan Cowan: “I can think of at least three ways of solving it.” Does that mean Dan’s a genius? Perhaps (if you ask him, he’ll say yes). Another possibility is that whilst learning his craft he developed the habit of thinking of alternative ways of solving the same problems. In fact, I would argue that the extent of his (coding) skills is a direct consequence of this habit.
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Blog | 17 April 2019

Using BigQuery & GitHub to Build a Giant Dataset of JavaScript Functions

David explores a huge GitHub dataset of open source code looking for patterns in JavaScript functions
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Blog | 27 March 2019

Mastering WordPress rewrite rules

At BrightMinded, we spend a lot of time working with WordPress. We really do know it inside out! However, we often find ourselves needing to go above and beyond the out-of-the-box capabilities that WordPress core provides us with. A frequent complaint we hear, both from members of our team and the wider development community, is that WordPress lacks a proper routing system, of the sort provided by modern web frameworks like Laravel, Express.js or Django. However, with a little knowledge of how the WordPress routing (rewrite) system works, there is no reason for it to limit the development possibilities available.
WordPress logo with image indicating link
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Blog | 20 March 2019

How to set up BitBucket Pipelines

BitBucket Pipelines is a service that allows you to easily set up automated deployment on a remote server. In this post, we will detail the steps involved and explain how everything works.
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Blog | 13 March 2019

Fake it ’till you make it: on art, learning, economy and strange bedrooms

Your company has just moved into a new office. You and your team realised that it could do with some decorating and a touch of personalisation. What do you do? Hire a decorator? Buy art online? Nah. At BrightMinded we decided to take matters into our own hands the best way we know how! Here’s a non-technical account of something we tried. A technical version of this article will appear on the BrightMinded Labs page soon.
30 samples of art produced by the WGAN
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Blog | 06 March 2019

Redirects validator and exporter

If only there were a tool to turn redirect mappings from clients into something Apache understands, validating and error-reporting along the way….
Redirects Validator & Exporter
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Blog | 27 February 2019

Building a flexible, animated timeline in WordPress

Displaying a brief history of BrightMinded.
BrightMinded timeline
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Blog | 20 February 2019

What is Rubber Duck Debugging and does it work?

As programmers, problem solving is a big part of the software development process. Frequently these problems are complicated enough that we need help, and in these moments it is tempting to turn to our co-workers for assistance. But there’s a better alternative: Rubber Duck Debugging. In software development, rubber duck debugging is a method of debugging code.
Rubber duckies in the office
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