Blog | 11 September 2019

Our awesome clients: Projects Abroad

Projects Abroad are a unique company with a very simple goal: to make the world a better place. From offices all over the world they try to empower young people to travel and, in doing so, change the world by helping communities and transform themselves into the most rounded person they can be. That’s why we consider Projects Abroad to be one of our awesome clients.

Projects Abroad logo

They’ve been around for over 25 years, focusing on their goal of helping young people develop skills and aid the world they live in. Creating positive change in the world has been their aim since day one. They intend to continue working on their ambition long into the future, so that more and more young people get the chance to travel and create positive change in the world.

A group of Projects Abroad volunteers helping to tidy up a beach in Thailand
A group of Projects Abroad volunteers helping to tidy up a beach in Thailand

Projects Abroad believe each volunteer makes a difference and, so, they make sure each volunteer is taken care of to the best of the company’s abilities. For example, they highlight three key foundations for each project: safety, hassle-free travel, and making a real difference. To help ensure these conditions are met, their staff have experience in the places where their projects take place, either from having done a project there themselves or because they reside there. This means if any one volunteer has particular wants or needs, their contacts from Projects Abroad know how to help them in their specific situation.

Such a great organisation that values the potential of young people, transforming individuals and communities, and building meaningful connections, is certainly one we are honoured to be working with.

Projects Abroad - Overseas support staff
The all smiling overseas support staff at Projects Abroad

When they came to us, they were looking for a new, long term technology partner. The first priority was updating their portfolio of websites. Working closely with their internal development team we successfully migrated 25 country-specific websites over to new designs and back-end platform over a period of 18 months.

In parallel to the websites migration we have started working on migrating pieces of functionality away from their bespoke, home-built Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system to third party providers’ off-the-shelf solutions. The continuous challenge is to carve out pieces and integrate the off-the-shelf solutions into the rest of the system infrastructure, while keeping the rest of the infrastructure ticking over as usual.

Projects Abroad - Head office staff
The equally cheery Head Office team at Projects Abroad

All in all, we believe Projects Abroad is a fantastic company who strive to do their bit in changing the world, one volunteer at a time, and we are incredibly grateful to be their technology partner. We hope our contributions to their great business initiative will continue for many years to come.