News | 28 January 2021

Quarterly update – Rehab help and AI

New year, new projects! As 2021 has made its start, we’re still as busy as ever and we thought it time to share another Quarterly Update to show you what we’ve been up to. We are very fortunate that the beginning of the year has got off to a flying start here at BrightMinded, especially in the current climate. Hopefully, this year will only keep improving from here on out, and maybe we’ll even start to see some sense of normality return (touch wood we haven’t just jinxed it!).

New rehab online website

New rehab online website

Rehab Online website relaunch

We worked with our existing client, Pavilion Publishing, on the relaunch of their website Rehab Online. Pavilion Publishing is a market leader in providing professional development products and services to those in the health, social care, education, and community safety sectors. With this website, they hope to help those looking for a drug or alcohol rehabilitation centre, either for themselves or someone else. It provides an easy to navigate directory pointing them to their nearest centre.

Helping teachers share online resources

For the Educational Recording Agency (ERA), we’ve implemented a feature which allows users of their streaming platform to create shared links for resources. This means teachers can share links with students, which will hopefully be an effective feature as a lot of learning is happening remotely due to the pandemic. The shared links do expire after a limited number of days/hits as defined by the ERA admins, which will be helpful in making sure students stay on top of their work! We hope this step helps make the lives of the amazing teachers working through COVID times just that little bit easier.

New launch for Advice Cloud

We created a new website for our existing client Advice Cloud, called Advice Gov, which you can find here. Advice Gov exist to ensure that the public sector can deliver services effectively, for those who rely on them. Their focus is on helping ethical, progressive suppliers sell to the public sector. This new website makes it easy to contact Advice gov or book a consultation!

Find images faster using AI

We’ve partnered up with Bright on a very exciting project. Cris, Louisa, and Shiya have been working with them on creating an algorithm that can read text and find appropriate images to go alongside it. It’s a fantastic project that will save marketers lots of precious time – imagine not having to search through databases for hours on end looking for suitable and eye-catching images. What a dream! If you’re interested in this project and would like some more info, let us know.

Martin at Bright has written a great piece about our project that goes into more detail. Give it a read!

Making our PHP coding standards public

We’ve recently made our PHP coding standards public. Here on GitHub you’ll find insights into how we ensure code quality in what we deliver to our customers. We hope to write up our approach to coding standards in more detail, so keep an eye out for that on our blog!

Recent blogs

We have been rather busy this last quarter, so not much to report here unfortunately. However, we will be back with more interesting blogs and videos soon, so do keep an eye out for updates!