Website briefing template

Download our website briefing template

Website briefing template

Website briefing template

Get a head start on building the best website!

This briefing template will help you to:

  • Set your objectives.
  • Understand the questions you should ask yourself when creating a website.
  • Get all your plans and requirements on paper to ensure you have considered everything.
  • Maximise the probability of success of your new website.


  • The COVID 19 pandemic created a new reality for most people, all over the world. It is also likely to change the way we live and do business for the long term – even after the virus has been contained, whenever that may be.

    What does that mean for your business? One thing that seems clear is that having the right digital presence for your business, conveying the right messsages, and offering online access to your goods and services will become even more critical. In a more crowded market it will be even more important to stand out, to tailor your digital presence to your exact needs and wishes. So you should consider carefully what is key to your business and start preparing to make the next step. Understanding what you really need will increase the probability of success.

    Download our briefing guide to help you get all the required information together, quickly.

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