Innovative and tailored elearning

An innovative Learning Management System allowing adaptive elearning journeys.

Client: Aptimore
Location: London, UK
What we did
Tailored learning journeys based on innovative algorithm
Content Management System for authoring learning materials
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When Katy Lindsay of Aptimore Ltd. approached us for help creating their online management training platform we were excited about the opportunity to build some game changing technology for the eLearning industry.

Katy needed an LMS (Learning Management System) capable of delivering materials tailored specifically for each individual learner and further capable of adapting the materials along the way depending on each learner’s trajectory through the materials. This was beyond anything the traditional eLearning community, using SCORM or TinCan, could produce so we chose to develop a bespoke platform to address these needs directly.


The project involved creating a series of connected services:

  • A public facing website to market the service and enable account creation
  • A private portal for individual and corporate account management
  • A unique Learning Management System (LMS) to deliver customised materials
  • A Learning Content Management System (LCMS) to support lesson authoring
  • A Learning Record System (LRS) backed up by a rich analytics platform

Brightminded are outstanding software developers and I highly recommend them. They created a cutting edge learning management system for my business – and can probably put their minds to almost anything. If you’re looking for software or web development, look no further!

Katy Lindsay Founder & CEO, Aptimore

Technologies used

BrightMinded used a variety of technologies to implement and connect these pieces, including PHP extensions to WordPress, Javascript LMS libraries and storage solutions including MySQL and Riak. We have striven to use the best technology available for each of the diverse component parts.

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