Charlotte Mothersole | Junior Developer and Support Consultant

Charlotte Mothersole
My background in accountancy and law has given me a keen attention to detail; an invaluable skill when learning software development

Charlotte’s background

Charlotte joined BrightMinded after teaching herself the basics in HTML, CSS and Javascript and wanted exposure to the world of software development to kick start a new career. She reached out to us in October 2019, and after a few months of learning with the team, started working with us as a Junior Developer and Support Consultant in early 2020.

She is enjoying learning about WordPress, being part of such an awesome development team that are patient with her curiosity and questions, and (slowly) improving her table football skills.

Outside of the office, Charlotte loves to travel, play ps4 and test out new skincare products (although not usually at the same time). She also loves to cook, and still gets just as excited now about cake!