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With a dedicated development team at your disposal, you can expand your software development capabilities and tap into new tech expertise with the perfect mix of flexibility, scalability, and ability.

Amy Hood A young Amy Hood
Amy Hood
Business Analyst
I am a natural problem solver with a strong sense of integrity which enables me to successfully develop and maintain operations and processes
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Profile picture of a young Anwen
Anwen Williams
Software Developer
My design background means I love helping to make our clients' websites look great and a pleasure to use
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Bradley young
Bradley Taylor
Head of Development
For me, quality is key. I love ensuring that our clients get the best quality site available to them
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Cristiano Solarino
I am still looking for the Spoon
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Dan Cowan young
Dan Cowan
I have passion for code, a practical management approach and thrive when being creative
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Young Dan Murray
Dan Murray
I love helping people navigate the new digital landscapes, making technology accessible to non-techies
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David Hide
Software Developer
My experience with WordPress means I can find ways to adapt it to fit ambitious and innovative projects
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David Young
Software Developer
I love building things with software and enjoy learning and innovating to find new ways to help our clients
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Emily Wigmore A young Emily Wigmore
Emily Wigmore
Social Media Consultant
I enjoy posting on our social media channels and writing blogs to engage with existing or potential clients
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Glen Stanbridge
Software Developer
I love creating great websites that outperform client expectations
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John Mooren
John Mooren
I love getting an understanding of our clients' needs and working with our great team to get them the best solution
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Karl Maw
Software Developer
I am a passionate problem solver and love building high quality websites and solutions for our clients
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Sam Griffin
Sam Griffin
Sysadmin & Solutions Architect
Keeping up with the latest technologies means I can advise the best solutions for clients
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Profile picture of Samuel Olaegbe A young Samuel Olaegbe
Samuel Olaegbe
Software Developer
As a software developer, I enjoy helping clients achieve their dreams with innovative solutions
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Sarah Rothwell
UX and design consultant
I believe that when you place users at the core of a project, it always makes for a better product and a bigger impact
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Andrew Griffin as a child
Andrew Griffin
Non-Executive Director
I love the way Brightminded brings such huge technical depth to problem solving - so much more than a website developer
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