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With a dedicated development team at your disposal, you can expand your software development capabilities and tap into new tech expertise with the perfect mix of flexibility, scalability, and ability.

Almudena Garcia Mula
Marketing Assistant
I am keen on re-desiging and upgrading our platforms to improve our clients engagement and experience.
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Amy Hood our Business Operations Manager at BrightMinded A young Amy Hood
Amy Hood
Business Operations Manager
I am a natural problem solver with a strong sense of integrity which enables me to successfully develop and maintain operations and processes
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Andrei Chitan
Software Developer
Constantly unlocking innovation, my goal is to create excellent websites, emphasizing value and simplicity
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Profile picture of a young Anwen
Anwen Williams
Software Developer
My design background means I love helping to make our clients' websites look great and a pleasure to use
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Bradley young
Bradley Taylor
Head of Development
For me, quality is key. I love ensuring that our clients get the best quality site available to them
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Cristiano Solarino Co-Founder, AI Lead & CTO at BrightMinded
Cristiano Solarino
Co-Founder & CTO
I am still looking for the Spoon
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Portarit of Dan Murray Co-Founder, Development & Project Leadat BrightMinded Young Dan Murray
Dan Murray
Co-Founder, Dev & Project Lead
I love helping people navigate the new digital landscapes, making technology accessible to non-techies
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David Hide
Software Developer
My experience with WordPress means I can find ways to adapt it to fit ambitious and innovative projects
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David Young
Software Developer
I love building things with software and enjoy learning and innovating to find new ways to help our clients
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Glen Stanbridge
Software Developer
I love creating great websites that outperform client expectations
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John Mooren
John Mooren
I love getting an understanding of our clients' needs and working with our great team to get them the best solution
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Young Josh
Josh Sawyer
Software developer
I love keeping on the cutting edge of technology by developing creative AI solutions for clients
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Karl Maw
Software Developer
I am a passionate problem solver and love building high quality websites and solutions for our clients
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Portarit of Nick Braithwaite Growth & Partnerships Manager at BrightMinded Nick Braithwaite at a boy on the beach
Nick Braithwaite
Growth & Partnerships Manager
I collaborate closely with clients to understand their needs and implement technology solutions that make a difference
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Sam Griffin
Sam Griffin
DevOps & Solutions Architect
Keeping up with the latest technologies means I can advise the best solutions for clients
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Profile picture of Samuel Olaegbe A young Samuel Olaegbe
Samuel Olaegbe
Software Developer
As a software developer, I enjoy helping clients achieve their dreams with innovative solutions
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Portarit of Sarah Rothwell Lead UX designer and researcher at BrightMinded Young Sarah Rothwell Lead UX designer and researcher at BrightMinded
Sarah Rothwell
UX Research & Design Lead
I believe that when you place users at the core of a project, it always makes for a better experience and a bigger impact
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Andrew Griffin as a child
Andrew Griffin
Non-Executive Director
I love the way BrightMinded brings such huge technical depth to problem solving - so much more than a website developer
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Dan Cowan young
Dan Cowan
I have passion for code, a practical management approach and thrive when being creative
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