Blog | 05 October 2023
Indigo Dovi-Dotse

A note from Indigo: Thank you BrightMinded

I’m writing this during the last week of my eight-week internship at BrightMinded, a position I found out about thanks to the University of Sussex CareerLab programme.

I’m a second-year at Sussex, about to go into my third year, and I was looking for experience and a way to make use of my summer time. When I heard about the company, I was intrigued by the pleasant energy of the website and job posting and sure enough, working here has been nothing short of a delightful experience that I feel genuinely thankful to have had.

I remember how nervous I was in my interview. I needn’t have worried really because they loved me and how I presented myself but applying for a Digital Marketing position as a Biology student was nerve-wracking. John and Amy couldn’t have been nicer. They were easy to talk to (everyone at BrightMinded is easy to talk to, as I found out later on) and I was so excited to start.

Being disabled with chronic pain, I was worried about getting my first job, especially a job with a commute but they couldn’t have been nicer and more accommodating. Amy asked me immediately, “How can we best support you and make your time with us easier?” and when I answered, she took note and seamlessly followed through. I was allowed to work from home 4 out of 5 days a week and they were always understanding when I had to call in sick because of my disability or when I was unable to come in on the days I was supposed to. Majority of the staff at BrightMinded work hybrid like I have been and that made me feel less alone. When I went in on my first day to the beautiful office in Hove, I was introduced to the staff members who were in—all lovely people. I was given a tour and the sheer amount of welcoming energy made me feel like I’d been working there for ages already. 

Towards the end of a tenure, we had a summer bash and I’d never expected a corporate day out to be so much fun. I was nervous about the idea of attending and meeting people in reality that I’d only seen on Google Meet but the friendliness of all employees and their willingness to have fun together made it easy to participate. We did an escape/puzzle room in Preston Manor that was 1920s-themed and then went for lunch. I had to leave early because of my disability and how it affects my energy levels, but spending the day with everyone was something I’ll never forget and I think I’ll always hold future days-out up to it as a standard. It felt like hanging out with co-workers that wanted to spend time with me and it was easy to breathe.

Group puzzle at Preston Manor

One thing about BrightMinded is that you never feel like you’re being cloistered or boxed in. They want to work with you. And they want the best for you. If that’s how they make interns like me feel, I’m more than certain it translates to client interactions. 

My biggest take-away from my experience with the company is that there are companies that exist where bosses are kind and accommodating. I was so afraid to join the job market and become a working adult as a person with a disability and accessibility needs but working at BrightMinded has shown me, proven to me, that I don’t have to settle for people that won’t take care of me as well as BrightMinded has of me. Also, that work environments can be welcoming and pleasant while still being professional. They’ve shown me I needn’t be scared. And that I have so much to bring to the table.

Thank you, BrightMinded.