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Blog | 26 February 2024

Tips for a successful ecommerce integration in your membership website

Integrating ecommerce functionality into your membership website can provide numerous benefits for your organisation. It can significantly improve member engagement, elevate your value proposition, and open new revenue streams.
Person making ecommerce purchase on mobile phone
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Blog | 06 February 2024

Umbraco vs WordPress – which CMS platform is best?

Umbraco may be a niche choice compared to WordPress, but it’s solid, stable, and secure enough for some of the world’s biggest websites. So, which is the best CMS (Content Management System): Umbraco or WordPress?
Umbraco vs WordPress
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Blog | 08 January 2024

Practical techniques for maximising member retention: strategies and approaches

In the competitive world of membership-based associations, winning new members and retaining existing ones is critical for their financial stability, growth, and success.
Member retension techniques
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Blog | 05 October 2023

A note from Indigo: Thank you BrightMinded

I’m writing this during the last week of my eight-week internship at BrightMinded, a position I found out about thanks to the University of Sussex CareerLab programme. I’m a second-year at Sussex, about to go into my third year, and I was looking for experience and a way to make use of my summer time. When I heard about the company, I was intrigued by the pleasant energy of the website and job posting and sure enough, working here has been nothing short of a delightful experience that I feel genuinely thankful to have had.
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Blog | 18 October 2022

10 ways to increase membership website sign-ups

New member sign-ups are essential to the growth of your membership website. Your membership website might generate a lot of new members at launch, but once the buzz of the launch subsides, it can be hard to maintain the growth you need. Subscribers are your lifeblood, so you need solid strategies to increase membership sign-ups. What works? What doesn’t? No two communities are the same, but here are ten tips for growing your membership site.
'Caution watch for people leaving the building' sign on brick wall
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Presentation | 29 June 2022

A developer’s perspective on Google’s Core Web Vitals

Our own Bradley gives his perspective on best practices to ensure your site scores well in Google’s Core Web Vitals.
Screenshot from Google's page speed insights
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Blog | 15 September 2021

WooCommerce vs Magento: which platform is best for your e-commerce store?

The success of your online store depends on the technology behind it. We compare WooCommerce and Magento.
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Blog | 25 August 2021

What impact does technology have on the extended marketing mix?

What are the 7 P’s of marketing and what effect does technology have on them?
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