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News | 21 October 2020

Quarterly update – Autumn has arrived

Over the last several weeks, we’ve started to see a shift in the world around us: the leaves have started falling, going outside in just a t-shirt is no longer the best of ideas, schools have started again. It can only mean one thing: Autumn is here! For us, that means it’s time for another Quarterly Update blog to update you on what we’ve been up to since July, when we released our last one.
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News | 22 July 2020

Quarterly update – BrightMinded in Lockdown

When lockdown was announced, we at BrightMinded expected to be twiddling our thumbs waiting for our next project to come through. However, we have been very fortunate to be inundated with work!
Monthly calendars of 2020
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News | 01 May 2020

Lockdown entertainment

Times are strange. We’re all at home, we can’t leave for more than one hour at a time, and shops and cafes are closed. For a lot of us, that means we have much more time to kill within our own homes than we ever have before. Here at BrightMinded, we have certainly been feeling this, so we decided to share what we’ve been doing to keep ourselves occupied to inspire some of you, and help give an insight into who we are as a team! Hopefully there’s something for you to enjoy here, too.
Kaia's custard tart
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News | 02 October 2019

Look directly into the eye of uncertainty and stare it down

We are launching a new solution that will help you modernise your software infrastructure to be ready for whatever comes.
Old typwriter next to a modern laptop
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