News | 02 October 2019

Look directly into the eye of uncertainty and stare it down

We are launching a new solution that will help you modernise your software infrastructure to be ready for whatever comes.
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Software development company, BrightMinded aren’t phased by Brexit and the threat of an economic downturn. Instead they’re taking positive action with the launch of a new legacy software migration solution. The BrightMinded team are gearing up to partner with medium sized businesses, to help modernise their software infrastructure and be ready for whatever comes post Brexit.

The founders of BrightMinded have a combined experience of more than 60 years supporting businesses with their software needs, covering industries ranging from travel and retail to finance, healthcare and supply chain management. A BrightMinded software partnership is an investment worth its weight.

With Brexit top of mind, and the concept of uncertainty truly bedded in, businesses might be tempted to slow down, review strategies and tighten purse strings. But this time is better spent taking charge.

Brighton based bespoke software specialists, BrightMinded, certainly agree. Their stance is clear – be proactive, use this as an opportunity and get better.

With reports telling us investment in the UK has dropped by 11% since June 2016, recruitment freezes are in force and UK productivity has dropped by 2-5%. CEOs appear to be spending more time planning and less time doing – and it’s all too easy to follow suit.

We can’t deny the country is in the eye of the storm, and the level of destruction is unclear.  But what happens when we come out the other side? Because there will be an “other side”.

Our economy depends on our small and medium businesses – not just the big guns.  All businesses need to take steps to ensure survival post Brexit, because survive we must.

With the launch of their new legacy software modernisation solution the BrightMinded team are here to help give medium sized businesses in the UK and beyond, a fighting chance come what may.

Use this time as an opportunity to review your software infrastructure and ask yourselves whether you want to be ready to put your foot down once the clouds clear or stay stuck in second gear. We know where we’d rather be,” says John Mooren, co-founder at BrightMinded.

It might seem like a strange time to direct budget and resource into modernising your infrastructure. But really, there’s no time like a slowdown to look at improving performance and creating company-wide efficiencies that last longer than the latest headlines.

Building strength, stamina and agility with your software infrastructure, ready to hit the ground running when the economy recovers, are positive and empowering moves. And BrightMinded are here to help.”

Projects Abroad, who recently appointed BrightMinded as their long-term legacy migration partner, are doing just that. CTO, David Flaschner comments “BrightMinded give us peace of mind, every day we’re working with them our risk drops”.

To find out how BrightMinded’s new solution can help modernise your systems, reduce risk and be prepared for what comes next, get in touch.

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