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News | 22 July 2020

Quarterly update – BrightMinded in Lockdown

When lockdown was announced, we at BrightMinded expected to be twiddling our thumbs waiting for our next project to come through. However, we have been very fortunate to be inundated with work!
Monthly calendars of 2020
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Blog | 16 June 2020

A new era for continuous testing

We all know how important testing is right? But it’s a chore! Or is it? At the cutting edge of modern software engineering practices, we now find a pool of tools and techniques that make it easier than ever to keep a ruthless eye on your bugs.
pushing keyboard TEST button with finger
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Blog | 03 June 2020

How to improve your WordPress security

We implement a range of measures to enhance security and protect against targeted attacks.
Image representing digital security - a lock superimposed on a motherboard
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Blog | 27 May 2020

How to speed up your WordPress site, fast!

After years of working with WordPress we're experts in speeding it up - find out how!
Relay sprinter getting ready for the start on athletics track
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Blog | 20 May 2020

Artificial Intelligence (AI) vs WordPress plugins

Me: “Alexa, does my SME need to use AI business solutions?” Alexa: “Yes! Your SME needs AI now!”
Meme about WordPress vs AI
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Blog | 13 May 2020

Drupal vs WordPress vs Joomla: What is the best CMS to power a digital business?

We take a deep dive and compare all three platforms.
WordPress vs Drupal vs Joomla comparison table
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News | 01 May 2020

Lockdown entertainment

Times are strange. We’re all at home, we can’t leave for more than one hour at a time, and shops and cafes are closed. For a lot of us, that means we have much more time to kill within our own homes than we ever have before. Here at BrightMinded, we have certainly been feeling this, so we decided to share what we’ve been doing to keep ourselves occupied to inspire some of you, and help give an insight into who we are as a team! Hopefully there’s something for you to enjoy here, too.
Kaia's custard tart
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Blog | 24 April 2020

Elearning software and platforms as the new reality

The COVID-19 pandemic has created new models for organisations offering training and learning.
E-learning and online training image
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Presentation | 15 April 2020

Making a multiplayer web game with Socket IO

Before the lockdown, David presented to the team how he has used WebSockets for his multiplayer web game. Find out how.
Screen showing multiplayer game
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Blog | 26 February 2020

Issues to consider when localising software

Have you ever landed on a website where the target audience isn’t people from your country or culture? And how long did it take you to realise this? In all likelihood, you will probably have noticed it almost instantaneously because each region has its own ways of doing things.
An example of concatenation
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Presentation | 12 February 2020

The near-duplicates problem and novelty detection by fruit flies

Learn from a fruit fly how to spot near-duplicates in your database. Our CTO, Cristiano, explains how. If you are interested, have a look at the original fly Bloom filter paper by Dasgupta, Sheehan, Stevens and Navlakha.
Bar plot with errors on Bloom filters, LSBF and fly Bloom filters
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Blog | 15 January 2020

Our awesome clients: Rickshaw Travel

From bite-sized trips to full itineraries of excursions, transport, and accommodation, Rickshaw Travel is ready to make your travel dreams reality.
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