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Blog | 19 September 2019

Software modernisation – a spotlight on one company’s path to migration

We speak to a CTO about the challenges of updating their software infrastructure and operations.
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Blog | 11 September 2019

Our awesome clients: Projects Abroad

Making the world a better place by empowering young people to travel and help communities.
Projects Abroad logo
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Blog | 04 September 2019

Non-cryptographic hashing functions: The Infinity Stones of Computer Science – Part 3

In this last instalment of the three-part article exploring non-cryptographic hashing we reveal two more amazing applications after what we discovered in Part 1 and Part 2.
Mind and Soul stones from the Avengers Infinity stones
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Blog | 14 August 2019

The benefits of bespoke software

How to create a software solution that suits your needs perfectly.
Visualisation of tailor made suit versus mass produced
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Blog | 07 August 2019

Our awesome clients: British Ecological Society

Aiming for a world inspired, informed and influenced by ecology.
BES logo
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Tutorial | 31 July 2019

Google Analytics for developers

If you are developing software for external users, you are highly likely to need to take account of Google Analytics. If so, Bradley may have some tips for you.
Slide showing Event Tracking in Google Analytics
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Presentation | 26 July 2019


Our CTO, Cristiano, speaks at the Barclays Eagle Lab’s first AI event in Brighton yesterday, trying to de-mystify AI for the audience.
Cristiano speaking at Barclays Eagle Lab event on de-mystifying AI
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Blog | 24 July 2019

Making the most of your work experience week

Having hosted six students over the summer, we thought we could use their and our experience to create some advice for students looking for work experience. Organisations hosting students may find these findings useful too.
Our latest work experience student, Isobel working in the office
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Presentation | 10 July 2019

AI versus dualism

This week our philosopher-in-residence Dan C explains what he has learnt from playing with robots. With the obvious philosophical substantiation.
Close up of robot
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Presentation | 03 July 2019

Game theory: an intro

Our own David H introduces “Game theory” to the rest of the team, including some “Prisoner’s dilemma” challenges for the audience.
Slide - What is Game theory?
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Discussion | 26 June 2019

Why don’t AIs do rubber ducking?

Following on from Bradley’s blog on “Rubber Duck Debugging” and a talk by David Y on “Tools for problem solving”, a discussion ensued in the office on whether you could use this particular tool for problem solving in Artificial Intelligence.
Image representing AI and a rubber duck
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Presentation | 19 June 2019

CogX 2019: An overview of some interesting developments

David Y attended this year’s CogX in London last week and gives a personal overview of some of the interesting topics discussed.
The logo of CognitionX
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