Quarterly update – August 2022

It’s been a little while, but we’re back with another update! This time we are coming with an exciting change of scenery! As well as moving offices, the team have been working hard on new projects and have also had some fun outings these past couple of months!

Our new office  

After the Covid lockdowns in the UK, working/learning from home has become even more popular. To accommodate our team’s preferences for working from home or in the office, we wanted to make sure that either option was as comfortable as possible. Although our old office had a great atmosphere, it sometimes seemed too big when there weren’t a lot of us in the office. Therefore, we decided it was time for a change and to move to a different office that would better suit our business.

Platf9rm was always one of our top options, and we are happy to say that it has been our final choice. Platf9rm’s spaces are fun, quirky and cosy, allowing us and other members to work to our fullest!

We are super excited about this change, especially because the new office is only 5 minutes away from the seafront which is great considering the recent warm weather! Also, Platf9rm often organises social events for its members which we are looking forward to attending!

Changes are inevitable and provide good opportunities for growth, and we can’t wait to make great new memories here!

Our latest LearnDash learning management system project has just gone live for PR Academy, adding elearning capabilities to the existing WordPress site we built for them a few years ago.
PR Academy offers a range of online PR and communication courses, and needed to replace their existing elearning platform with something more flexible. Already familiar with WordPress, the team are finding the new LearnDash integration easier to use to create engaging online content for their students.

Team expansion

Almudena joined us this summer for an eight week summer internship program. She has been helping out with marketing during her summer break between second and final year at the University of Sussex. One of the main things Almudena has been working on is creating a presentation video giving an intro to BrightMinded and our services. We have loved having another intern this summer to bring new ideas to the company!


Staff outings

Platf9rm members’ social

To start getting to know our new home at Platf9rm, Amy, Bradley, and Anwen went to a Glastonbury-themed members’ social which was a great intro to Platf9rm’s community events and socials!

Escape room afternoon

Earlier in July, some of the team headed into Brighton for a fun-filled afternoon. We started off at Pier Pressure escape rooms, where we split into two groups- “ravers of the lost ark” and “the looters”. Both groups put their excellent team working skills to the test and managed to solve all the puzzles needed to ‘escape’ their rooms!

After this, we headed to Olive Grove for a delicious lunch and cocktails, and then off to Boho Gelato for a quick dessert!

We then finished off the afternoon by making our way to the seafront for some more drinks, where we spotted Gordon Ramsay and Nigel Ng filming something! All in all, a great afternoon!




At the end of July, our social media consultant, Emily, graduated from the University of Sussex with a 1st in Marketing and Management with Psychology! We congratulate her on her amazing achievement and wish her the best of luck with her Masters.



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