UX enhancements allowing for optimized SEO

Driving more holiday enquiries through impactful improvements in user experience

Client: Rickshaw Travel
Location: United Kingdom
Duration: Ongoing
Aftercare: Support and maintenance contract
What we did
Ongoing UX improvements
Redesigned product pages
Interactive maps
Flexible content template for WordPress

Rickshaw Travel UK specialises in flexible, independent travel experiences to build personalised holidays.

The team at Rickshaw are committed to ongoing user experience testing and improvements to delight customers and increase holiday bookings.

At BrightMinded, we operate as an extension to the Rickshaw digital team which enables us to understand their challenges and needs. We love this type of relationship and believe it helps us to get the best results for our clients.

Recent projects include:

  • Building a more flexible blog
  • Redesigning product pages for conversions
  • Interactive map to help travellers build a unique trip
  • Ongoing data-driven improvements

BrightMinded really feel like part of the Rickshaw team. They understand what we’re trying to achieve and always come up with creative solutions to technical challenges.

Jitender Sokhy Website and CRO/UX Manager, Rickshaw Travel UK

What we achieved:

Easy to build your perfect trip
Through user-experience research and technical improvements, it’s now easier than ever to build your perfect trip with Rickshaw Travel UK.

Trusted digital partners
We work as an extension to the Rickshaw team, adding trusted technical expertise to their digital team.

Improved SEO and content marketing
The technical changes have empowered the Rickshaw team to implement a more sophisticated SEO and content strategy.

What we did

1. Building a more flexible blog

To support Rickshaw’s content and SEO strategy, we implemented a complete front-end redesign and back-end overhaul of the blog to make it much easier to upload more interesting and varied content.

The result? More interesting and flexible blog posts, more members of the team can work on the blog and most importantly they have the flexibility to implement their content and SEO strategy.

Rickshaw Travel - blog

2. Redesigning product pages for conversions

As part of a drive to increase conversions we re-designed the product pages based on recommendations from a UX report.

We added an image gallery, brought more content above the fold, changed the format of key information that was being lost behind a tab layout and made the call to actions much more prominent.

The result? Really engaging product pages that showcase the best features of Rickshaw’s holidays and make the important information easy to find.

3. Interactive map to help travellers build a unique trip

Rickshaw offers flexible bite-sized trips to tailor-make holidays. They want to make the whole process feel effortless for their customers.

Through our user research, we discovered that customers found it difficult to understand where the bite-sized trips were located in a destination and whether it was feasible to add different trips to a realistic itinerary.

To address this, we rebuilt the bite-sized trips pages to include an interactive map. Now when you scroll down the page and hover over different trips, a pin will animate on the country map. Also, when you explore the pins on the map, further information will scroll into view on the left panel.

The result? After the interactive maps went live, Rickshaw’s customer surveys no longer reported difficulties in building an itinerary on the website.

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