User experience design (UX)

Our user experience design puts the user at the core of our thinking, ensuring we deliver digital products that are both accessible and have lasting change. Just like Tim Berners-Lee, we believe everyone should have equal access to technology regardless of their ability.

BrightMinded have been excellent to work with. From initial content and audience workshops to Skype training on the final site, they have offered comprehensive, adaptable support and work at an incredibly high standard.

Liz Robertson Centenary Programme and Partnerships Officer, Imperial War Museums

Our approach to user experience design

Getting clear on the proposition of your digital product through the lens of your users and balancing this with your organisation’s internal needs has never been more critical. 

We can scale up or down our user experience process to work alongside your timeframes, budget and align with any existing research you may already have in place.

Our proven five-step approach is user-centred and designed to ensure the success of your project.

& research
& wireframes
& evaluation

We begin every project by looking at any existing analytics you may have, conducting interviews and surveys, and exploring your competitive landscape. We then focus our attention on your users and develop personas/avatars to understand their needs and wants alongside any actions they or we may wish them to complete. 

Based on our understanding, we shape the information architecture (what goes where and why) and wireframes of any tool we produce around your users’ needs and work with you to establish content and technical requirements. We then apply any style guides or brand principles to create a unique user interface with exceptional design and usability practices.

We always prefer to test our ideas along the way so we can iterate ideas and hone designs. We’ll work with you to define at which points in the project we do this.

Why choose BrightMinded for UX design work?

Every client deserves first-class input and expertise on their project. To ensure you’ll receive the best possible service, we follow a transparent workflow process. This ensures the best use of time and keeps our clients up-to-date at every stage of the project.

Here are a few reasons why you should choose to work with us:

We solve incredibly complex (data) problems using imaginative and innovative solutions and will challenge assumptions to drill down to the real crux of the issues.
Expert consultancy
Not only do we deliver the best UX services for your needs, but we can also educate and advise on your digital infrastructure.
On-time & on-budget
Our UX designer uses a time-tested process that delivers an effective user experience quickly and efficiently.
We’ve delivered highly successful UX projects in various sectors internationally for many years – and we’re good at it.
We will involve you in the project from start to finish and keep you up to date on the progress of the work. We’re in this together.
Long-term partner
We develop strong relationships with our clients that build trust and confidence between us over many years.

Looking for help with a UX project?

Let’s discuss it! Email us directly, call us on 01273 830331 or fill in the form below and we’ll get back to you very soon.