WWF Life widget in use

WWF Life responsive widget

Embeddable responsive JavaScript widget

WWF Life widget in use
Client: WWF
Location: Woking, UK
What we did
Extract data from WWF CMS
Publish data in a responsive widget that can be embedded on any WWF website

WWF-UK wanted a way to display content from their operatives in the field, on any HTML platform, and on pretty much any device. This is the kind of challenge we relish, and the result was the WWF Life widget!

To meet the brief we developed an embeddable responsive JavaScript widget which can be added to any page on any of WWF’s digital platforms, to show the latest multimedia content from around the world.

The raw data from operatives in the field is uploaded to a dedicated CMS which the WWF team moderate. The team classifies the uploaded media using a variety of taxonomies including species, location and project type. Some of these taxonomies are then published from the CMS as JSON feeds.

When our widget is added to a web page one data attribute specifies which feed it should display, and other attributes determine the title, number of items to show, layout and other style properties. This allows the widget to match the structure and styling of any page it is embedded on, giving the WWF developers maximum flexibility while ensuring consistent branding.

When a page containing the widget is loaded in a browser, the widget talks to the WWF Life server, which requests the desired feed and returns the image and video media in the format required by the widget. This HTML is then output to the page and displayed by the browser.