How can we help?

Here at BrightMinded Towers many of us have been developers for longer than we care to remember. (In fact if you buy Dan a nice cup of Sencha tea he’ll regale you with stories of writing and selling his first video game over 30 years ago.)

Over that time we’ve learnt to code in many languages, developed for many platforms and gained a huge amount of experience delivering successful software projects into production. Our founding team also has a wealth of project and product management experience, allowing BrightMinded to to take on projects that might be beyond the scope of other small development teams.

We’ve applied our knowledge to a vast array of domains – from web development and e-commerce to forensic science, from finance to Government communications (sshh!).

We know that digital projects only work if the technical team communicate effectively with the non-technical stakeholders, and we’re good at this. We explain technical concepts and possibilities in ways that everyone can understand, so we make good technology partners. We’re happy to get involved right at the start of a project, helping to clarify requirements and advising on choice of technology and technical feasibility.

We also understand that your digital project doesn’t finish when the site or application goes live. We want to work with you for the long-term and we can provide support, maintenance, hosting, new features – everything you need to keep your project up to date.

If you have a problem that needs a software solution, the chances are good that we can provide it. Some of the things we can help you with: