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The brief

We were asked to redevelop the British Ecological Society’s website as part of a wider re-brand by MadeNoise. The previous website had been pieced together over a number of years and so was in poor condition. With that in mind it was decided we would start from scratch to give the society a digital presence they could be proud of.

We’re lucky enough to have worked with MadeNoise in the past, which allowed us to quickly get up to speed with the design concept for the new site. It’s vital to have a close relationship with our designer partners, and this allowed us to work much more quickly when implementing the designs they produced.

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The Society is made up of a number of departments and Special Interest Groups, and one of the most interesting parts of the new brand was that each major section of the website had its own colour and logo variation. We worked with the designers to think about how these brand variations could pull into different areas of the site, without lowering the overall coherency.


As well as the user-facing aspects of the site there were also some interesting back-end requirements. They included importing thousands of blog posts from the old website (whilst ensuring they inherited styling from the new site) and bespoke integration with Wiley journals and the ThankQ membership portal. We also packaged together the site styles in an easy to use template for use by third-party development teams on related sites.


Since going live we have continued to enhance the new website and surrounding technology (for example creating a bespoke MailChimp template to complement the new brand). We’re delighted with the look and functionality of the new website, and how it has been received.


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