Membership platforms & website development

Membership sites are a fantastic way to build a predictable and scalable revenue stream around your business knowledge and expertise.


We help associations, institutions, businesses, and other organisations increase their member sign-ups, engagement, and retention by creating beautiful, fully functional, and user-friendly membership platforms and websites.

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Membership platform development for your bespoke needs

Grow your audience and community with our custom membership platform and website development services. 

We can build you a fully customised solution with all the necessary functionality you need to manage your website and members with ease and confidence. 

Our experienced team can develop a fully functional and user-friendly membership website from scratch or re-develop your existing platform. We can integrate newsletter sign-up forms, online payments, marketing automation tools, social communities, email platforms, Google products, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform, etc., into your membership site. 

The functionality can be customised to suit your audience’s needs, from registration and member login to user profiles and communication. If you use WordPress, we can build a custom membership plugin that you can easily transfer to your website.

Let us help you expand your community and boost member engagement with a custom membership website!

BrightMinded are great to work with. They absolutely know the technical side, are always willing to offer advice quickly and implement new ideas well, and they really take the time to understand you as clients. It’s a real partnership, one that is full of trust and has been fruitful over several years. That’s led to some great results and real support of our digital offering.

Jonathan Wood Head of Society Programmes, British Ecological Society

Membership website features

Our membership websites offer all the functionality you need to create a great digital experience for your members and your team, including:

Member onboarding
Membership renewal
Contact management
Member communications
Member online training
Payment management
Community engagement
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Event management
Member analytics

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Our membership platforms & membership website development process

We draw upon many years of membership site development and project delivery experience.

Our proven five-step approach is designed to save you time and money, ensuring the success of your project.

& immersion
User experience
& design
& build
User Acceptance
& support
  1. Stage one begins with a discovery & immersion phase where we’ll learn more about your organisation, customers, members, and other audiences. We’ll conduct user experience research to understand your audience’s needs and put them at the core of your website. 
  2. Stage two is user experience & design, which will run in parallel. Based on the discovery work, we’ll design your new strategic and creative visual identity. We’ll develop an information architecture for the website, keeping SEO in mind, leading to wireframed designs and full visual designs.
  3. Stage three is development & build. We’ll make progress iteratively and hold regular project management calls to ensure the build unfolds as planned.
  4. In stage four, there will be your user acceptance testing, along with training and content entry. We’ll attend to the final snagging, allowing us all to ensure the new site is perfect and ready for the agreed release date.
  5. For stage five, we can also provide ongoing support, hosting, maintenance, security and SEO services to ensure you continue to get the help you need.The result? A high performing, effective membership site your community will love and that your business can be proud of! 

Why choose BrightMinded for your membership website development needs?

Every client deserves first-class input and expertise on their project. To ensure you’ll receive the best possible service, we follow a transparent workflow process. This ensures the best use of time and keeps you up to date at every stage of the project.

Here are a few reasons why you should choose to work with us: 

We solve incredibly complex (data) problems using imaginative and innovative solutions and will challenge assumptions to drill down to the real crux of the issues.
Expert consultancy
Not only do we deliver the best software for your needs, but we can also educate and advise on your digital infrastructure.
On-time & on-budget
We have a time-tested membership site development process that delivers your solution quickly and efficiently.
We’ve built highly successful bespoke membership websites in various sectors internationally for many years – and we’re good at it.
We will involve you in the project from start to finish and keep you up to date on the progress of the work. We’re in this together.
Long-term partner
We develop strong relationships with our clients that build trust and confidence between us over many years.

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What types of membership platforms and websites do you build?

We build the majority of our clients’ membership websites in WordPress. There are many reasons for this, but one of the most important is the ease of updating and managing your website. It’s crucial that you have control of your membership site and do not need to pay for every minor tweak or edit you need to make. The functionality is straightforward and cost-effective using plugins. WordPress integrates with many platforms and plugins, from ecommerce, Learning Management Systems (LMS), booking systems, and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms. WordPress is the world’s largest and most established website platform. This ensures the framework stays up-to-date and the systems are widely accessible for future development work. Finally, WordPress is also excellent for SEO!

How much do BrightMinded’s membership platform development services cost?

The investment required for your membership website development depends on several factors. One of the main requirements we assess is the development work’s complexity and scope, which directs the time to design and build the website. Each membership platform development project is different and tailored to your specific business needs. Why not drop us a line, and we can have an informal chat to see how we might be able to help?

What methodologies do you use in your membership website development work?

The principal methodology we use is Agile, although the approach and delivery choice may depend on your specific project needs. Taking an iterative approach to our work allows us to regularly adapt and improve the membership site development quality, ensuring the success of the final platform we deliver for you.

What happens after you finish building my membership site?

After we deliver your finished membership site, we’d love to provide you with ongoing technical support, maintenance and hosting should you need it. As we built your platform, we know our work intimately and will be best placed to help you with further development requirements. Of course, if you want to maintain the website yourself, you will have everything you need, and you can always contact us if you need any help. We value long term relationships with our wonderful clients!

What is your membership platform development experience?

BrightMinded has more than 10 years of experience building membership platforms and sites. Our founders have worked together since 2006 and have a combined 50 years of software engineering experience, as well as 15 years of product management. We’ve worked with highly demanding clients, ranging from small Brighton boutiques to international charities like WWF and global banks like JP Morgan. We are experienced in creating membership sites, ecommerce platforms, WordPress websites, elearning solutions, Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), Artificial Intelligence (AI) development, and legacy software migration. We’re constantly enhancing our knowledge and skills! Check out our portfolio to learn more.

Could you build my membership site on a different platform to WordPress?

Whilst we believe that WordPress offers the best platform for almost any business, we understand that you may need to build your membership website on another platform. We have a team of expert, talented web developers that have experience working on multiple platforms. Let’s have a chat about your requirements and see what we can do!

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