Solutions driven by Artificial Intelligence

How can Artificial Intelligence help your business? Can AI help you generate more revenue, deliver a better experience for your clients, make your team more efficient? AI has the potential to help you achieve all of these goals. We can help you identify which techniques or tools are best suited to your business needs.

AI services by BrightMinded

We currently offer two services to our clients:

Our Knowledge Agent

ChatGPT and Gemini can only do so much out of the box. To really solve your specific problems or achieve your specific goals with your unique set of data you will need to fine-tune the algorithms to your situation.

We have built a Knowledge Agent, an engine that taps into a Large Language Model, and that can be fine-tuned to your domain to ensure that the information it generates is relevant and accurate.

The Knowledge Agent can be integrated into your portal or platform to allow your audience to query your proprietary dataset in a conversational manner, making your information more easily accessible to your users.

Our advisory service

Are you not sure what AI tools or techniques can best help your business? We are experts at matching your business requirements to the best solutions available. We can run a discovery project with you, getting a clear understanding of what growth potential may be untapped or where efficiency gains could be made, and then mapping them against software solutions that will yield those benefits.

We are honest in our assessments and will only suggest using AI if we think those techniques offer the best value for you. It may be that the tools required to unlock any benefits for you are readily available without any AI research required. If that is the case, we will report that back to you.

What some of our clients are doing

For and with our clients we have run proof of concepts on several use cases.

In one use case from a client we designed and built a site where they can create and manage a corpus of information consisting of pdf documents and webpages containing information and advice on housing retrofit (their Knowledge Hub). They and their clients can then query this corpus in a simple conversational manner. The hub we created will both supply relevant answers to the requests submitted and point the user to places in the corpus where relevant information related to the request can be found.

In another proof of concept, we allowed an ecommerce client to auto-generate product descriptions for thousands of products, generating significant time savings. In a third one, we are allowing a client to interrogate the audio of videos in conversational English.

Our AI software development process

We draw upon many years of AI software development solutions and project delivery experience.

Our proven five-step approach is designed to save you time and money, ensuring we get to the right conclusions as quickly as possible and only build a solution when we agree that there is a high probability of success of your project.

Use case selection
Proof of concept
Decision on how
to proceed
Development &
go live
& support

We begin with the selection of the use case that has the most potential value for you in stage one. We agree on the objective of the use case, the data the engine will include, and the set up and timeline of the proof of concept.

Stage two is a proof of concept: we set it up and run it for you. This is an iterative process, whereby we give you access to a dedicated environment to allow you to test the use case and we fine-tune the underlying engine and refine the solution based on your feedback.

Stage three is about how to proceed, which will be based on the outcome of the proof of concept work. If the proof of concept shows the potential of a successful implementation, we’ll agree on your requirements for how to integrate our engine into your infrastructure. We’ll agree what will be delivered in which timeframe and for what budget.

Stage four is development & go live. We build the initial implementation of your solution and we integrate our engine into it as agreed. We then install your solution including any custom built integration, license our engine to you, and train the relevant staff on how to use it.

Finally, we can also provide ongoing hosting, support, and maintenance of your solution to ensure you continue to get the help you need. This includes performing any required upgrades in the technology stack, and evolve the platform according to your requirements.

The result? An efficient and streamlined process that delivers the solution that generates the most value for your business.

We have been impressed with the service they provided and the support they are still giving us.

Charlotte von Essen Marketing & Communications Officer

What can AI software do for businesses?

There are typically three types of applications where businesses have benefited from Artificial Intelligence (in its machine-learning guise):

  • categorisation: How can we automatically sort customer feedback into categories like ‘service quality’, ‘product issues’, or ‘billing problems’ to efficiently address and analyse specific concerns?
  • estimation: What is the estimated lifetime value of a customer based on their purchasing history and interaction with our marketing efforts, so we can tailor our engagement strategies more effectively?
  • prediction: Can we predict which products a customer is likely to purchase next based on their browsing and purchase history, enabling us to personalise recommendations and increase sales?

These applications all focus on analysing your existing data. However, recent advances in AI have introduced the spectacular capabilities of Generative AI, spear-headed by what are known as Large Language Models (LLMs) with OpenAI GPT4 and the new Google Gemini as the current crown jewels.

These models are interactive, display remarkable fluency in English and can perform sophisticated inference over unstructured data, but their main strength is that they can generate content.

LLMs have opened up a host of new commercial opportunities that were not available before and that can be integrated into your business today. Here are just a few:

  • content creation: generate high-quality, engaging content for blogs, social media, and marketing materials to save time and resources
  • customer service automation: power chatbots, customer service portals and knowledge experts, providing instant, accurate responses to customer inquiries 24/7
  • insight generation: summarise, analyse vast amounts of unstructured data from customer feedback, market research, and social media to identify trends and insights that inform business strategies
  • language translation: offer real-time, accurate translation services for our global customers, enhancing communication and customer satisfaction
  • personalisation and recommendation: personalise customer experiences on digital platforms, recommending products, content, or services based on user preferences and behaviours
  • educational tools and tutoring: create educational content and personalised tutoring services that adapt to the learning pace and style of each student. Generate tests, exams and automatically score students work
  • sentiment analysis: conduct sentiment analysis on customer reviews and social media mentions to gauge brand perception and customer satisfaction

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Why choose BrightMinded for your AI software needs?

Every client deserves first-class input and expertise on their project. To ensure you’ll receive the best possible service, we follow a transparent workflow process. This ensures the best use of time and keeps our clients up to date at every stage of the project.

Here are a few reasons why you should choose to work with us:

We solve incredibly complex (data) problems using imaginative and innovative solutions and will challenge assumptions to drill down to the real crux of the issues.
Expert consultancy
Not only do we deliver the best software for your needs, but we can also educate and advise on your digital infrastructure.
On-time & on-budget
We have a time-tested development process that delivers your AI application quickly and efficiently.
We’ve built highly successful bespoke AI solutions in various sectors internationally for many years – and we’re good at it.
We will involve you in the project from start to finish and keep you up to date on the progress of the work. We’re in this together.
Long-term partner
We develop strong relationships with our clients that build trust and confidence between us over many years.

AI application development by BrightMinded

Artifical Intelligence is not something new, it has been around since the 1960s. There many techniques and tools that can be classified as Artificial Intelligence. LLMs, like the one ChatGPT is based on, are just one category of models built on older techniques like neural networks.

We have been using AI techniques and tools for the past two decades. The founders were members of the team that created and managed an optimisation tool used by the major financial institutions in the City to structure derivative products. This optimisation tool was based on a genetic algorithm that looked for arbitrage opportunities between the risk and the pricing models for such products.

After that a similar algorithm was produced to spot Liability Driven Investment opportunities for asset management companies.

At BrightMinded, we successfully participated in the IBM Watson developer challenge and became the first agency in Europe to gain access to IBM’s cognitive computing platform in 2014.  We developed an app for the fitness industry whereby instructors could query relevant fitness and medical documents in conversational English to get answers to queries that might come up during their working day.

Since early 2023 we have focused on the potential of the emerging Large Language Models. We have contributed to the Auto-GPT and LangChain projects.

If you want to explore more about some of these techniques try some of the blogs and videos we have produced over the years below.

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  • FAQs

    How are AI software applications used?

    AI driven solutions are created built to solve the individual needs, goals, processes, challenges or opportunities an organisation may face for which AI techniques offer the best solution. AI solutions are used to solve a specific set of requirements for a particular business. They are built to improve business processes and achieve your stakeholders’ needs.

    Are AI software solutions suitable for small or medium companies?

    Absolutely! Your AI solution can be precisely tailored to the needs, workflow, and budget of your business. We often see that implementing a custom AI solution in small or medium companies can generate significant returns.

    How much do BrightMinded’s AI software development solutions and services cost?

    The investment required for your AI development project depends on several factors. One of the main requirements we assess is the work’s complexity and scope, which directs the time to design and build the solution for you. Each AI software project is different and tailored to your specific business needs. Why not drop us a line, and we can have an informal chat to see how we might be able to help?

    What methodologies do you use in your AI applications development work?

    We investigate which AI techniques are the best suited to solve the business requirement. This can involve machine learning, neural networks, large language models and others. The principal delivery methodology we use is Agile, although the approach and delivery choice may depend on your specific AI application project needs. Taking an iterative approach to our work allows us to regularly adapt and improve the development quality, ensuring the success of the final AI solution we deliver for you.

    What is your AI software development experience?

    We have been using AI techniques and tools for the past two decades. We have applied optimisation techniques to the creation of financial derivatives and to liability driven investment objectvies. We have partner with IBM’s Watson to create cognitive tools for the fitness industry. Since early 2023 we have focused on the potential of the emerging Large Language Models, contributing to a few open source projeects. We’re constantly enhancing our knowledge and skills!