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Legacy software migration

Software migration strategy, planning and solutions

Looking for a partner to help with your legacy system modernisation?

Perhaps you feel your current software technology is out of date or inefficient. Maybe it’s limiting your ability to scale and grow. It could be cumbersome and expensive to maintain, let alone enhance.

You’d like to start again – get rid of the bad bits, keep the good bits and ultimately build an integrated software solution that meets your unique business needs, without the high associated cost. You need a well thought out legacy software modernisation strategy.

The decision to migrate can be exciting, daunting even – without the internal skills or resources to make it happen. For a project of this scale – usually business-critical – you need the right team behind it from the get-go.

Finding the right partner is half the battle won

What if we said: all you need for your legacy software migration is an internal project lead or sponsor, someone who knows your business inside out? And we can do the rest.

Done well, executed carefully, a legacy migration systems overhaul has the power to unleash your company’s true potential – with the right technology in place plus the right software partner to develop and maintain it.

We will take the time to understand your business, your needs and goals. Using our extensive cross-industry knowledge, software skills and innovative thinking we’ll work with you to find the right solution, and build or assemble it.

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Our six phases in legacy software migration projects and support


The first step in legacy migration is to understand the business objectives, today and those for the future. They will then be projected on to your current systems set up, identifying pain-points and inefficiencies.


Based on the audit we can advise on the best possible options for migration, whether this involves bespoke solutions, off-the-shelf packages, or a mix of the two.


We will then work with you and your teams to carefully plan the migration – mapping out the steps and identifying risks and dependencies at each of them.


Once we’ve understood the requirements across your business, chosen the software solutions and mapped out the migration we’ll start developing and integrating your new infrastructure.


We can offer support with migrating any internally hosted systems to the cloud as part of the project.


Once the migration is complete we can provide on-going maintenance and enhancements of your software infrastructure to help meet changing business needs.

What you can expect after submitting your enquiry?

We try to make the process as easy and transparent as possible:

1. Analyse information

We will analyse what you have sent us. Some key, helpful pieces are your high-level requirements and ideas, timeline, and budget.

2. Calls - proposal

We will have a call/meeting or two to go through your objectives and some of the details, after which we will send you a proposal.

3. Engage us

After discussing any details from our proposal, we will send you our standard retainer contract for you to sign. This retainer can easily be extended during our, hopefully, long-term partnership.


If this all sounds interesting, then we should chat!



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What is bespoke software

And why should I care?

We say that we offer bespoke software development services. But what do we mean by that and why is it relevant to your business? To clear things up we try to answer some of the questions we're regularly asked on the matter.

We’re happy to review your needs and offer our advice or create a proposal.

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