CommunityWorks membership website design and build on a mobile device

Membership website and CRM in one

Brand, website and integrated CRM for local membership organisation.

CommunityWorks membership website design and build on a mobile device
Client: Brighton & Hove Community Works
Location: Brighton & Hove, UK
What we did
Brand and website design
Stakeholder engagement
UX Journey mapping
WordPress & CiviCRM integration
Membership directory
Migration of legacy data
brighton and hove community works logo

Brighton & Hove Community Works is a charity that helps other organisations and community groups with support and advice. It was formed from the merger of 4 smaller charities.

The challenge

BrightMinded were asked to manage 3 aspects of the merger:

  • Design and build a new website for the new organisation
  • Build a new CRM for the new organisation and migrate data from 2 of the existing organisations
  • Develop a new brand for the new organisation

CommunityWorks membership website design and build on a desktopdevice

What we did

Website and CiviCRM design and build

We decided that the website and CRM were linked so closely that it did not make sense to build two separate applications and synchronise data between them, so we built a single platform on top of WordPress. This uses custom tables for lots of the CRM data, with our own back-end WordPress interface.

Members can apply from the website with the data being stored directly into the CRM, and exposed directly via the members’ directory on the website front-end. Members can contribute community events from the website, and Community Works staff can generate a variety of reports on all aspects of the data within the CRM.


For the branding and design we turned to our friends at Neo. We needed to ensure that the requirements and concerns of all stakeholders were met by the new brand and digital presence, so we conducted workshops with stakeholders from each of the existing organisations . We needed a big room and lots of index cards!

Digital partner

Our ongoing digital partnership with Community Works has included the post-launch integration of an additional satellite site into the main website, and migrating group mailing lists and integrating them into the CiviCRM.

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