Digital transformation

Do you need support digitising your processes? We specialise in digital transformation solutions. Our highly experienced team of experts will find and build the best technology solutions and integrations for your business needs.

Are you looking for a partner to help your digital transformation process?

Perhaps you feel your current processes are inefficient? Maybe your current technology is limiting your ability to scale and grow? It could be cumbersome and expensive to maintain, let alone enhance.

You’d like to start again – keeping the parts that work well, and removing those that don’t, ultimately building an integrated software infrastructure that meets your unique business needs without the associated high cost.

You need a well thought out digital transformation strategy.

The decision to migrate can be exciting, daunting even – without the internal skills or resources to make it happen. For a project of this scale – usually business-critical – you need the right team behind it from the outset.

Finding the right partner is half the battle won

To make a digital transformation project a success, you will need to make available an internal project lead or sponsor, and the people who know the relevant parts of your business inside out or know exactly where to find the relevant information. We will complement and work with them to figure out how to solve the puzzle.

Done well, and executed carefully, a digital transformation project has the power to unleash your company’s true potential – with the right technology in place plus the right software partner to develop and maintain it.

We will take the time to understand your business, your needs, and your goals. We’ll work with you to find the right solution and build or assemble it using our extensive cross-industry knowledge, software skills, and innovative thinking.

We needed a partner who could unpick it all, understand our needs and help us re-build the infrastructure. A partner who wouldn’t take advantage of our lack of knowledge – someone we could trust. BrightMinded give us peace of mind. Every month that goes by working with them, our risk drops.

David Flaschner CTO, Projects Abroad

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Our digital transformation process

We draw upon many years of digital transformation and project delivery experience.

We’ve developed a successful five-phase approach that ensures our clients get their desired outcomes.

Audit &
& analysis
Build roadmap
Select, implement,
integrate, build
Host, maintain,
  1. Audit & discovery The first step in digital transformation is to understand the business objectives, both current and future, your current technology infrastructure, and your current business processes. This will identify your pain points and inefficiencies.
  2. Review & analysis Based on the audit, we review the pain points and inefficiencies with you, try to establish blue sky scenarios, and analyse which off-the-shelf tools could best complement or replace your current systems. The resulting infrastructure will likely be a mixture of state of the art off-the-shelf platforms, integrated to seamlessly work together, and bespoke solutions that we create for you.
  3. Build roadmap We will then work with you and your teams to carefully plan the migration – mapping out the steps and identifying risks and dependencies at each of them. We will include time to evaluate and select new potential platforms that will need to be implemented.
  4. Select, implement, integrate & build Once we’ve understood the requirements across your business, chosen the software solutions and mapped out the migration, we’ll start the phase of selecting the best off-the-shelf tools, implementing and integrating them, while (in parallel) developing any bespoke solutions required. This is likely to happen in several, iterative sub-phases, each running through the same steps.
  5. Host, maintain & enhance We are in it with you for the long term. We can host any component of your new infrastructure from the moment it goes live. We can also work under a retainer to help you maintain your infrastructure by ensuring you are on the latest versions of all platforms and implement the latest security measures required. Finally, you may want to keep tweaking the infrastructure to squeeze out more efficiencies and growth opportunities, which we can help you with under the same retainer.

Why choose BrightMinded for your digital transformation needs?

Every client deserves first-class input and expertise on their project. To ensure you’ll receive the best possible service, we follow a transparent workflow process. This ensures the best use of time and keeps our clients up to date at every stage of the project.

Here are a few reasons why you should choose to work with us: 

We solve complex (data) problems using imaginative and innovative solutions and will challenge assumptions to drill down to the real crux of the issues.
Expert consultancy
Not only do we deliver the best software for your needs, but we can also educate and advise on your digital infrastructure.
On-time & on-budget
Our Brighton-based development team has a time-tested development process that delivers your project quickly and efficiently.
We’ve built highly successful software solutions and integrations in various sectors internationally for many years – and we’re good at it.
We will involve you in the project from start to finish and keep you up to date on the progress of the work.
Long-term partner
We develop strong relationships with our clients that build trust and confidence between us over many years. We’re in this together.

Case studies

We’ve helped established businesses and charities with their digital transformation requirements since 2011. Take a look at some of our work.

Rescued a complex, integrated ecommerce platform and extended it

Secure and efficient ecommerce platform with back-office integrations for the highly regulated veterinary pharmaceutical sector.

Full Story

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  • FAQs

    How much do BrightMinded’s digital transformation services cost?

    The investment required for your digital transformation project depends on several factors. One of the main requirements we assess is the work’s complexity and scope, which directs the time to design and build the ultimate solution for you. Each digital transformation project is different and tailored to your specific business needs. Why not drop us a line, and we can have an informal chat to see how we might be able to help?

    What methodologies do you use in your digital transformation work?

    The principal methodology we use is Agile, although the approach and delivery choice may depend on your specific project needs. In such complex and fairly long term projects, the only approach that our leads to success is an iterative one. We will keep checking with you whether we are still on track to meet the objectives of the business.

    What is your digital transformation experience?

    BrightMinded has more than 10 years of software development experience. Our founders have worked together since 2006 and have a combined 50 years of software engineering experience, as well as 15 years of product management. We’ve worked with highly demanding clients, ranging from small Brighton boutiques to international charities like WWF and global banks like JP Morgan. We’re constantly enhancing our knowledge and skills! Check out our portfolio to learn more.