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Membership sites

BrightMinded can develop a fully functional and user-friendly membership site for you

What are membership sites?

Membership sites allow subscribed members to access exclusive content you offer online, whether it’s in the form of blog posts, online courses, webinars, podcasts, videos or some other activity. Membership subscription sites can also enable direct interaction between members and with the site owner. Membership websites can be free or paid, depending on your business model and strategy. If you offer specialised products/services or if you operate in a niche in your industry, you should consider custom membership sites that scale with your business plans.

Custom membership platforms by BrightMinded

We can build you a fully functional and user-friendly membership website from scratch or re-develop your existing platform. We can integrate newsletter sign-up forms, online payments, marketing automation tools, social communities, email platforms, Google products, CRM, etc into your membership site. The functionality can be customised to suit your audience’s needs, from registration and member login to user profiles and communication. If you use WordPress, we can create a custom membership plugin that you can easily transfer to your website.

Grow your community and boost member engagement with a custom membership site!

Featured membership sites:


We developed an easily translatable membership website for FLOCERT using WordPress

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British Ecological Society viewed on a laptop

British Ecological Society

We developed a custom WordPress site for BES which included a bespoke integration with the ThankQ membership portal

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