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Multilingual websites

BrightMinded develops clear and flexible multilingual websites

Why develop a multilingual website?

Multilingual websites are sites that display content in more than one language. Internationalisation has been the key driver for multilingual websites to gain popularity. Offering content in multiple languages, making it accessible to a wider audience and lowering cultural barriers is becoming increasingly important. In fact, multilingual sites offer a competitive advantage and a wider customer base, resulting potentially in higher revenue.

Multi-language websites by BrightMinded

BrightMinded can build a multi-language site that manually translates all or just your core business pages into several working languages. The site may contain custom content in certain languages that should not be translated (into all other languages). We can also build a site with a mixture of manual and automated translation via WPML WordPress plugin and Google Translate.

Grow your potential and target an international audience with a multilingual website!

Featured multilingual site:


BrightMinded built a multilingual WordPress website for FLOCERT that is currently fully translated to both English and Spanish.

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